Europe Connect wishes to create a community platform that serves as a reliable and secure virtual space for its users: we try to prevent the spread of silly and destructive content, encourage human relationships and help us to live in real life.

After entering the Europe Connect, a modern, clean site will welcome you to upload your profile picture, choose your favorite background and enter your personal information. On the main page, you will find your friends' shares (photos, videos, reviews). After upload you can specify the expiration date of the event (date after the material is no longer available). Our activity indicator will show us how active we are on the page, similar(flag) to the moments page, we will found here shared photos and activities.

With Basic Account You can enjoy our community and you can access the most of the options and settings.
This account is free, however you may get advertisements.


By selecting the Premium Account You won't get any advertising on your page.
Also you will have access to some extra options, like statistics. This will always show You how many users accessed your account.

Premium users will have the option of a six month or annual subscription and the following benefits:

1. They can hide their name behind a 6-character code.
2. They are not getting any advertising!
3. They can see statistics such as who has watched their profile, how often a profile visits or profile is when they are most visited.
4. They can see more detailed information (for example, some of the videos can not be accessed by the Basic Account)
5. EUBN - can see the offers of users on our own developed European Business Network (job, application, patent, etc.)
6. The operation of the site serves a charitable purpose, as half of the revenue is transferred to European aid organizations.

Our prices for Premium account are: 

According to our best knowledge,
personal data will be protected and kept confidential, and will not be provided, nor sold to third parties. Copyright © 2018
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